The Newcomer Novel by Mary Kay Andrews Pdf

The Newcomer Novel by Mary Kay Andrews Pdf

 The Newcomer Novel by Mary Kay Andrews Pdf

The Newcomer Novel by Mary Kay Andrews Pdf

Information The Newcomer Novel: 

Originally published: May 4, 2021
Author: Mary Kay Andrews
Genres: Fiction, Thriller, Romance novel, Suspense, Contemporary romance
Publisher: ‎St. Martin's Press (May 4, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Pages: 448 

Description of The Newcomer Novel:

Mary Kay Andrews, the New York Times top of the line writer and Queen of the Beach Reads conveys her next page turner for the mid year with The Newcomer. 

In a difficult situation and on the run After she finds her sister Tanya dead on the floor of her trendy New York City condo, Letty Carnahan is sure she realizes who did it: Tanya's ex; unpleasant land business person Evan Wingfield. Indeed, even in the hold of misery and frenzy Letty notices her late sister's alerts: "On the off chance that anything terrible happens to me it's Evan. Guarantee me you'll take Maya and run. Guarantee me." 

With a trunkful of psychological weight So Letty snatches her sister's Mercedes and takes off with her howling four year old niece Maya. Letty is resolved to out-run Evan and the law, yet race to where? Tanya, a lady with a past covered in mysteries, left behind a "go-sack" of money and a major blaring jewel ring yet just one sign: a blurred magazine tale about a lethargic mother and-pop inn in a Florida sea shore town with the implausible name of Treasure Island. She sheds her previous lifestyle and looks into an unsure future at The Murmuring Surf Motel. 

The No Vacancy sign is blazing and the sharks are revolving around What's more, that is the uplifting news. Since The Surf, as the regulars call it, is the colder time of year home of an affectionate herd of retired people and seasonal travelers who respect this odd duck novice with doubt and down right antagonism. 

As Letty subsides into the inn's previous extra space, she attempts to recuperate Maya's anguish and disentangle the way in to her sister's obscure past, all while evading the consideration of the proprietor's perilously alluring child Joe, who incidentally turns out to be a neighborhood police analyst. 

Can Letty discover sentiment just as a room at the hotel or will Joe deceive her mysteries and put her in a correctional facility? With peril shutting in, it's a competition to discover reality and right the wrongs of the past.

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