The Hiding Place Book by Helen Phifer Pdf

The Hiding Place Book by Helen Phifer Pdf

 The Hiding Place Book by Helen Phifer Pdf

The Hiding Place Book by Helen Phifer Pdf

Information For The Hiding Place Book: 

Originally published: June 2021
Author: Helen Phifer
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Police procedural, MORE

Description of The Hiding Place Book:

The young lady looked down the dull back street. She realized she should pursue this faster route and her mom would slaughter her in the event that she discovered, however it was pouring and all she needed was to return home rapidly. She ventured forward, not seeing the quiet consider following her along with the dim path… 

At the point when nine-year-old Charlotte Standish disappears from her road in the unassuming community of Rydale Falls, it starts a media free for all. Investigator Morgan Brookes drives a hysterical chase for the young lady, yet little Charlie appears to have disappeared like a phantom. 

Pursuing up a lead at Charlie's school, Morgan is chilled to discover that this isn't the first run through a kid has disappeared on this road. Another young lady vanished fifteen years prior, and Morgan is the one in particular who figures the cases could be connected. Yet, at the time that she takes her eye off Charlie's case to explore the connection between the two young ladies, another youngster, Macy, disappears. 

At that point Morgan gets the call she was fearing, Charlie's inert body has been found in a nearby park, lying in the shadow of an enormous tree. Morgan has allowed one young lady to down, yet she will not abandon Macy. 

Resolved to track down a disregarded piece of information, she remembers Macy's last advances. She's drawing near to reality when her accomplice, Detective Ben Matthews, is assaulted outside Morgan's home. Is a turned executioner segregating Morgan from her group? Furthermore, how long does Macy have left to live? Morgan should address the case before more blameless lives are taken… 

A nail-gnawing, unputdownable wrongdoing spine chiller that will keep you up throughout the evening, for enthusiasts of Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott and Patricia Gibney.

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