The Confidence Men Book by Margalit Fox Pdf

The Confidence Men Book by Margalit Fox Pdf

The Confidence Men Book by Margalit Fox Pdf  

The Confidence Men Book by Margalit Fox Pdf

Originally published: 2021
Author: Margalit Fox
Genre: True crime


The astonishing true story of two World War I prisoners who pulled off one of the most ingenious escapes of all time.

“A wonder, a marvel, a feat of invention and dogged persistence, and most of all, a testament to the power of the human capacity to believe.”Liza Mundy, author of Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II

The amazing genuine story of two World War I detainees who consolidated to pull off quite possibly the most keen escapes ever. 

Detained in a distant Turkish jail camp during World War I, having endure a two-month constrained walk and a startling shootout in the desert, two British officials, Harry Jones and Cedric Hill, unite to hoodwink their iron-fisted captors. To fight off sadness and weariness, Jones takes a handcrafted Ouija board and fakes elaborate séances for his kindred detainees. 

Word gets around camp, and one day, a Turkish official methodologies Jones with a question: Could Jones contact the soul world to discover a tremendous fortune reputed to be covered close by? Jones, a prepared legal advisor, and Hill, a splendid performer, utilize the Ouija board and their sharp comprehension of the brain research of trickery - to assemble a snare for the Turkish officials that will eventually lead them to opportunity. 

The Confidence Men is the tale of the just realized con game played for a decent purpose and of a significant however impossible fellowship. 

Had it not been for "the Great War," Jones, the Oxford-taught child of a British master, and Hill, a repairman from an Australian sheep ranch, couldn't have ever met. In any case, in torment, forlornness, yearning, and disengagement, they framed an incredible enthusiastic and scholarly union that saved both of their lives. 

Margalit Fox brings her "nose for fascinating realities, the capacity to develop a tight story circular segment, and a Dickens-level present for succinctly passing on character" (Kathryn Schulz, New York) to this holding story of mental procedure that is overflowing with tricky, peril, and snapshots of high joke that rival anything in Catch-22.

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