Don't Hate the Player Book by Alexis Nedd Pdf

Don't Hate the Player Book by Alexis Nedd Pdf

 Don't Hate the Player Book by Alexis Nedd Pdf

Don't Hate the Player Book by Alexis Nedd Pdf

Information Don't Hate the Player Book: 

Originally published: June 15, 2021
Author: Alexis Nedd
Publisher: ‎Bloomsbury YA (June 15, 2021)
Language: English
Pages: ‎384 

Description of Don't Hate the Player Book:

Emilia Romero is carrying on with a twofold life. By day, she's a field hockey star with an impeccable report card. Yet, around evening time, she's kicking virtual ass as the lone female individual from an exceptionally cutthroat eSports group. 

Emilia has dominated the specialty of keeping her two universes flourishing, which depends on them remaining totally independent. That is to some extent to keep her genuine persona, yet additionally for her own security, since young lady gamers are regularly undermined and annoyed. 

At the point when a significant eSports competition goes to her city, Emilia is resolved to substantiate herself to her group and the male-overwhelmed gaming local area. In any case, her impeccably healthy lifestyle is confused when an individual from an adversary group perceives her . . . 

Jake Hooper really likes Emilia since he was ten years of age. At the point when his longshot eSports group makes it into the competition, he's stunned to find she's been having a twofold existence. The destinies unite Jake and Emilia as they work to keep quiet, even as the pressing factors of the competition and their non-gaming world take steps to pull everything separated. 

Introduction creator Alexis Nedd has made a YA combo-punch of beguiling sentiment and virtual experience that will win the hearts of gamers and non-gamers the same.

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