That Summer by Jennifer Weiner pdf

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner pdf

 That Summer by Jennifer Weiner pdf

Originally published: May 5, 2021
Author: Jennifer Weiner


The author of "The New York Times" bestseller "Big Summer" presents another contemporary and intricate novel about the conspiracy, secrets, and transformative forces of female friendship in the beautiful Cape Cod, where Daisy Shoemaker can't sleep. 

With the flourishing development of the kitchen business. , Complete volunteer schedule and a lovely home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, you should be lucky. But you may have very few teenage daughters. Your husband may be too tall. His job seems trivial. He has many acquaintances but no real friends. However, Daisy knew she was fine. 

Why doesn't she sleep all night? Dissatisfied, he also received a misleading e-mail from a lady named Diana Starling whose e-mail address was just his punctuation. While Daisy was driving, Diana presided over the meeting. While Daisy was preparing dinner, Diana planned to reorganize the company. Diana's charming, delicate, and lonely life is only a few steps away from the simplest life of Daisy

.When the apology led to the invitation, the two women met and became friends, but as they got closer and closer, we learned that their relationship was not entirely accidental. Who is the other woman? What does she want from Daisy? From Jennifer Weiner's iconic wit and insightful observations, that summer was an important route from Philadelphia to the Outer Cape Wilderness. This is a story about how to survive the past, face our future and maintain friendly relations.

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