Where Reasons End Book by Yiyun Li pdf

Where Reasons End Book by Yiyun Li pdf

Where Reasons End Book by Yiyun Li pdf

Where Reasons End Book by Yiyun Li pdf

Originally published: February 5, 2019
Author: Yiyun Li
Genres: Psychological Fiction, Biographical Fiction, Domestic Fiction
Awards: PEN/Jean Stein Book Award


A splendid author envisions an anecdotal discussion between a mother and the high school child she lost to self destruction. Yiyun Li stands up to sorrow and changes it into craftsmanship, in a book of amazing magnificence and love. 

The storyteller states, "I had however one hallucination, which I clutched with all my resolution: we once gave Nikolai an existence of fragile living creature and blood; and I'm doing it over once more, this time by words." 

Written in the months after the writer lost a youngster to self destruction and made as a story cycle, this discussion among mother and kid unfurls in an ageless world. Profoundly personal, strong, and moving, these discussions depict the adoration and intricacy in a relationship across ages, even as they catch the agony of trouble, aching, and misfortune. 

Recorded as a hard copy this book, Yiyun Li was propelled by a line from Proust's Remembrance of Things Past "Thoughts come to us as the replacements to pains, and distresses, exactly when they change into thoughts, lose some piece of their capacity to harm the heart; the change itself, even, for a moment, discharges out of nowhere a little euphoria." 

Meeting life's most profound distress with inventiveness, exactness and balance, Where Reasons End is suffused with closeness, unpreventable agony, and furious love.

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