Tweet Cute by Emma Lord pdf

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord pdf

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord pdf

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord pdf

Originally published: January 21, 2020
Author: Emma Lord
Genres: Romance novel, Young adult fiction


A new, compelling romantic comedy from debut creator Emma Lord about the odds we take, the ways life can lead us on, and how love can be found in the contrary spot you anticipated. 

Meet Pepper, swimming club commander, ceaseless overachiever, and all-around fussbudget. Her family might be self-destructing, however their huge cheap food chain is blasting for the most part because of Pepper, who is scarcely figuring out how to shuffle reality while covertly running Big League Burger's gigantic Twitter account. 

Enter Jack, class comedian and consistent headache for Pepper. At the point when he isn't attempting to avoid his vulgarly well known twin's shadow, he's bustling working in his family's store. His relationship with the business that holds his future may be love/despise, yet when Big League Burger takes his grandmother's famous flame broiled cheddar formula, he'll take the necessary steps to bring them down, each tweet in turn. 

All's reasonable in adoration and cheddar that is, until Pepper and Jack's disagreement transforms into a viral Twitter war. Much to their dismay, while they're openly duking it out with snarky images and retweet fights, they're likewise succumbing to one another, all things considered, on an unknown visit application Jack manufactured. 

As their relationship develops and their online trickeries heighten individuals on the web are transporting them?? their fight gets increasingly close to home, until even these two adversaries can't disregard they were bound for the most surprising, clumsy, all-the-feels sentiment that neither of them anticipated.

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