The Women with Silver Wings book pdf

The Women with Silver Wings book pdf

The Women with Silver Wings book pdf

The Women with Silver Wings book pdf

Originally published: April 21, 2020
Author: Katherine Sharp Landdeck


The exciting, up 'til now untold history of the Women Airforce Service Pilots, the challenging female pilots who helped the United States win World War II. 

At the point when Japanese planes executed a sneak assault on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Cornelia Fort was at that point noticeable all around. At twenty-two, Fort was a bombed debutante seeking after a new beginning as a flight educator in Hawaii. She and her understudy had quite recently taken off when the bombs started to fall, and they scarcely made it back to ground that morning. In any case, when the US Army put out a call for ladies pilots to help the war exertion, Fort was one of the first to react. She got one of 1,900 ladies from the country over - browsed an application pool of more than 25,000- - to unite on Sweetwater, Texas, to prepare for the U.S. Armed force Air Force in the desire for gaining their silver wings. 

In The Women with Silver Wings, history specialist Kate Landdeck acquaints us with these young ladies as they meet collected, efficient Nancy Love and considerable, requesting visionary Jacqueline Cochran, the ladies who previously imagined sending American ladies into the air, and whose competition would characterize the WASP. For ladies like Cornelia, it was an opportunity to serve her nation - and to demonstrate that ladies pilots are similarly as gifted and capable as men. 

While not approved to serve in battle, the WASP helped train male pilots for administration abroad and took a chance with their lives to ship planes over the Atlantic. Cornelia herself would not endure the war. In any case, in any event, considering these lamentable misfortunes, Love and Cochran's social trial appeared to be a reverberating achievement - until, in 1943, with the tides of the war turning and less male pilots required in Europe, Congress pulled out the carpet from under the WASP. The program was disbanded, the ladies sent home. Be that as it may, the bonds they'd made during their time together never fizzled, and throughout the following barely any decades, they united together to battle for acknowledgment as the military veterans they were- - and for their place ever. 

Flawlessly composed and meticulously looked into, The Women with Silver Wings is a life-changing picture of these daring, historic ladies and their long battle for equity.

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