The Paris Hours by Alex George pdf

The Paris Hours by Alex George pdf

The Paris Hours by Alex George pdf

The Paris Hours by Alex George pdf

Originally published: May 5, 2020
Author: Alex George
Genre: Historical Fiction


Paris between the wars overflows with craftsmen, journalists, and performers, a sparkling pot of virtuoso. In any case, in the midst of the stunning inventiveness of the city's most renowned residents, four ordinary individuals are each scanning for something they've lost. 

Camille was the house keeper of Marcel Proust, and she has a mystery: when she was approached to consume her manager's note pads, she spared one for herself. Presently she is edgy to discover it before her selling out is uncovered. Souren, an Armenian outcast, performs manikin appears for youngsters that are not at all like the fantasies they anticipate.

Lovesick craftsman Guillaume is down on his karma and running from an obligation he can't reimburse however when Gertrude Stein strolls into his studio, he thinks about whether this is the day everything could change. Furthermore, Jean-Paul is a writer who recounts to others' accounts, since his own is too excruciating to even think about telling. 

At the point when the group of four's ways at long last cross in an exceptional peak, each finds on the off chance that they will discover what they are searching for. 

Told through the span of a solitary day in 1927, The Paris Hours takes four common individuals whose accounts, told together, are as exceptional as the wonderful city they occupy.

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