If I Had Your Face book pdf

If I Had Your Face book pdf

If I Had Your Face book pdf

If I Had Your Face book pdf

Originally published: April 21, 2020
Author: Frances Cha
Genres: Youth Novel, Urban fiction


An arresting introduction novel set in contemporary Seoul, Korea, around four young ladies advancing in a world characterized by incomprehensibly elevated requirements of excellence, mystery room salons obliging well off men, exacting social pecking orders, and K-pop fan insanity.

Kyuri is a disastrously delightful lady with a hard-won occupation at a "room salon," a selective bar where she engages agents while they drink. In spite of the fact that she values her chilly, clear-looked at way to deal with life, an incautious error with a customer may come to undermine her occupation. 

Her roomate, Miho, is a capable craftsman who experienced childhood in a shelter however won a grant to examine workmanship in New York. Coming back to Korea after school, she ends up in an unstable relationship with the super-affluent beneficiary to perhaps the greatest organization. 

Down the lobby in their high rise lives Ara, a beautician for whom two distractions continue her: fixation on a kid band pop star, and a closest companion who is setting something aside for the outrageous plastic medical procedure that is typical. 

Also, Wonna, one story underneath, is a love bird attempting to get pregnant with a youngster that she and her significant other have no clue how they can bear to bring and teach up in the relentless economy. 

Together, their accounts tell a grasping story that is apparently new, yet undeniably widespread in the way that their conditional fellowships may must be their redeeming quality.

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