I Found You book by Lisa Jewell pdf

I Found You book by Lisa Jewell pdf

I Found You book by Lisa Jewell pdf

I Found You book by Lisa Jewell pdf

Originally published: 2016
Author: Lisa Jewell
Genres: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense


In the desolate British shoreline town of Ridinghouse Bay, single parent Alice Lake finds a man sitting on a sea shore outside her home. He has no name, no coat, and no thought how he arrived. Against her better judgment, she welcomes him inside. 

In the interim, in a suburb of London, love bird Lily Monrose develops on edge when her better half neglects to get back after working all day one night. Before long, she gets much more dreadful news: as per the police, the man she wedded never at any point existed. 

Twenty-three years sooner, Gray and Kirsty Ross are youngsters on a mid year occasion with their folks. The yearly outing to Ridinghouse Bay is uneventful, until a perplexing youngster begins giving additional consideration to Kirsty. Something about him makes Gray awkward—and it's not on the grounds that he's a defensive more established sibling. 

Who is the man on the sea shore? Where is Lily's missing spouse? Furthermore, what ever befallen the man who made such an enduring and upsetting impact on Gray? 

"A riddle with substance" (Kirkus Reviews), I Found You is a scrumptious crash course of a novel, loaded up with the conceivable characters, shocking composition, and "amazing disclosures as far as possible up to the closure" (Booklist) that make the New York Times top of the line writer of Then She Was Gone Lisa Jewell so cherished by crowds on the two sides of the Atlantic.

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